Jolly Farmer

Moulton Chapel, Lincolnshire

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Jolly Farmer, 28 Roman Road, Moulton Chapel, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 0XQ

(01406) 380042


Roman Road

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Nice pub nice ales landlord not so nice if you happen to come from Scotland and try to pay for your meal in Scottish money he refuses to take the cash will not take credit or debit cards so you are stuck. this is my experience of this pub i was also told i should have stayed in Scotland after i told my wife i dont think i will be coming back here again. a very nice evening spoilt by a very narrow minded individual. who was sarcastic as we left by saying very loudly bye then, so the whole pub could here.

How can a norrow minded individual who supports Chelsea run a pub and have this kind of behaviour you know the sad part of this ? I come from Surrey but moved to Scotland because I wanted to live amongst people who are civil. I have never encountered this kind of behaviour anywhere else in the world and I do mean the world, I travel the world over and have eaten in many pubs who have taken my money. be it an english note or a Scottish note the bank will take without any problems. It is beyond me that this pub managed to get a 3 star rating. The food is frozen and heated up in a microwave. before you ask how do I know this I am a Chef with HCIMA qualifications. this place is dispicable my friends who were with me at the time live local to the pub, since that evening they have not been back as they were embarrased by this person's behaviour. So as before beware I would not enter this place even if I was starving hungry.

They had chips. Chips always make me happy. So I say good pub. It belongs in some form of Good Pub Guide if there is such a thing. Does anyone know if one exists?

Been here many times and the food has always been excellent. The pub is bout 30 minutes from the campsite we stay on and well worth the trip. Lovely staff, very good value. In fact we are going back lunchtime today.

Hoping to purchase a property around this area in the near future , so thought that we would visit one of the local pubs. So glad that we did as it was a lovely pub, food was lovely and the ladies serving both the food and the bar were friendly. Will definately be going back again hopefully as locals!!!!!!

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