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Best pub roast in Britain revealed

A judging panel led by renowned food critic Charles Campion has named The Feathers Inn in Stocksfield as the winner of the Best British Roast Dinner competition.

Top 10 haunted pubs in Britain

Sometimes when you choose a person to share a pint with, it is worth remembering that your companion doesn’t actually have to be, well, alive. These are killer pubs. Sometimes, quite literally

Good Pubs and German Beers

Oktoberfest is a fantastic beer festival that takes places every year in Munich, but you don’t have to travel to Germany to enjoy the delightful experience of a good German beer!

Good Pubs and Cocktails, the Perfect Mix

We’ve compiled a list of Good Pubs that offer cocktails for both the cocktail connoisseur, and those simply seeking a delicious tipple.

Shake up your mocktail menu

Shake, stir and serve up more interest, variety and creativity from behind the bar, but make sure you do it for both your drinking and your non-drinking customers.

Proper pub grub

Rick Stein has always believed in showcasing local seafood and farm produce in his 12 restaurants in the south of England and in his pub, The Cornish Arms, in the village of St Merryn, Cornwall.

Tell-tale signs

What have the Romans ever done for us? Well, for a start, they’ve given us pub signs…

Design for living

The pub is the ultimate shelter. Once you’re inside, it provides warmth, food and drink.


The hunt is on for the best pub roast in Britain

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