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Good Pubs and German Beers

Oktoberfest is a fantastic beer festival that takes places every year in Munich, but you don’t have to travel to Germany to enjoy the delightful experience of a good German beer!

We’ve compiled a list of a few Good Pubs where you can fill a stein with some of the good stuff and maybe even join some Oktoberfest celebrations. Whether you wear the traditional lederhosen and dirndl attire though, well, we’ll leave that up to you…


The Bow Bar, Edinburgh (The Good Pub Guide 2018, p.1008)

80 West Bow, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 2HH

Edinburgh, Scotland

With one of the most impressive selections of beers (and whiskies too) sourced locally and from around the world, The Bow Bar will not disappoint those seeking to delight in a glass or two of a few of German beers. They have a German keg beer called Furstenberg Premium Lager 5.3%, which is a golden lager from the mountainous Black Forest region. Their astounding array of bottle and can beers include many German specialities, such as the Brau Kunst Keller Imperial Stout 11.3%, Freigeist Preussen Weisse 6.5% and Weihenstephan Vitus 7.7% to name a few. They also serve Hacker-Pschorr Weisse, brewed by Hacker-Pschorr, which is one of the few official breweries of the Munich Oktoberfest. What’s more, Bow Bar will be holding a German Bier Festival from 17th-31st October. The beer list is yet to be finalised at the time of writing so keep checking their social media to find out which other German specialities to expect!


Greenwich Union (The Good Pub Guide 2018, p.994)

56 Royal Hill, SE10 8RT

South London, SE10 8RT

The Greenwich Union pub has an astounding assortment of beers, and apart from their full Meantime craft range, there are over 150 bottled beers including German beers galore. They have two lagers from Augistiner-Brau, which is another official Oktoberfest brewery: the almighty Edelstoff 5.6% and the classic, refreshing Helles 5.2%. There are two dark beers from Aecht Schlenkerla, some Schneider Weisse wheat beers and a Paulaner Salvator 7.9% strong beer and that’s just to name a few…. Rumour has it there may be even more German beers appearing in celebration of Oktoberfest, as well as some traditional bratwurst to curb the inevitable hunger, so get yourself down there and fill your steins!


Zerodegrees, Cardiff (The Good Pub Guide 2018, p.1067)

27 Westgate Street, Cardiff, Glamorgan, CF10 1DD

Cardiff, Riverside

Zerodegrees set up their first brewery and restaurant combination in Blackheath in 2000, and they now also have venues in Bristol, Reading and Cardiff. Each location has its own microbrewery meaning that each beer is fresh from the tank to your glass! Their Zerodegrees wheat ale is brewed to various tastes, one being a brilliant banana and chocolate flavoured German Hefeweizen. They do rounds of ‘Small Batch Specials’ which often include a tasty German tipple for you to try. At the time of writing, you can try a Strong Dortmunder Lager 8%, which Zerodegrees say is inspired by Dortmunder Lagers that were made popular in German Dortmund in the 19th century, though originally brewed in Cardiff. Their small-batch special brews are limited edition so don’t hang around, however, you can head to their website where they have a display of some of their past brews presented next to a ‘Bring It Back’ button, so if German tipples such as Berliner Weisse (a sour Wheat style beer) or Dunkel (an Ancient Munich beer which uses German hops, wheat and dark malts) or Gose (a German-style Wheat Beer) sound like your mug of beer, then let them know!


The Wharf, Manchester (The Good Pub Guide 2018, p.490)

6 Slate Wharf, Castlefield, Manchester, Lancashire, M15 4SW

Manchester, Lancashire

Located in a large open plan building overlooking the canal, the Wharf is a lively, welcoming place. Inside you will find wooden panelled floors and bar, wooden tables on rugs, and interesting decorations throughout including prints and posters, old stone bottles and church candles. There is also a large front terrace with a fountain and plenty of seating, including some picnic sets, which overlook the canal. It is the perfect place for Oktoberfest celebrations, which they will be having Thursday 19th October with some lovely German beers, lots of cheers, and a Bavarian band for your ears!


Cask Pub & Kitchen (The Good Pub Guide 2018, p.981)

6 Charlwood Street, SW1V 2EE

Central London, SW1V 2EE

At the Cask Pub & Kitchen you will find a very modest 15 keg lines and over 300 bottled beers! Needless to say, there are a few German tipples, such as the Rothaus Hefeweizen 5.4% on their keg line, which is a wheat beer from the Rothaus brewery in southwest Germany. There are also many German style bottled beers including an interesting wheat beer named Wu Gang Chops The Tree by Pressure Drop brewery, which notably uses forest herbs. They also have Young Henry’s Natural Lager 4.2%, with a Munich style golden appearance and even some ‘Alkoholffrei’ bottles from Rothaus include Hefeweizen and Tannenzäpfle Pils, so there are plenty of German tipples to put you in the Oktoberfest mood!



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