2015 Good Pub Guide Mobile Apps

2015 Good Pub Guide iPhone Application

The 2015 Good Pub Guide iPhone App has been released!

Containing all of the data from the 2015 Guide it will allow everyone to have the highly researched and informative content on the best pubs in Britain with them at all times.

"Britain's most indispensable book. God save the Pub!" Oz Clarke



The Good Pub Guide app contains all of content within the 2015 Guide, with reviews on over 5,000 of the best pubs across the country, both Main Entries and Lucky Dips.

But that is not all!

* Read recommendations and fully independent reviews for 5,000 pubs across the country

* See details on an additional 20,000 pubs


Full text and information from the 2015 Guide

* Search available on or off line

* Images of 10,000 pubs

* Search for nearby pubs, by town, county or postcode or by pub name

* Share pubs with your friends


This is merely the first stage of what we hope to offer on mobile devices. Over the next year we plan a range of releases with new features and on different devices.

Buy now in the Apple App Store

However we are keen to hear what you want from a mobile version of the Good Pub Guide so contact us at info@thegoodpubguide.co.uk and tell us what you want



Android Android Android Android!!!!!!!!

Why is this not available on Android yet???? Used it a lot when I had an iPhone, now not possible.

Sort it out please. :-)

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